Anyone knows a simple #FLOSS for visual generic diagramming? By that I mean drag'n'drop stuff, not a DOT language or similar. I'd like to move things around myself in the #diagram while having persistent connections between nodes.

It's to quickly draft a small studio wiring setup with a patchbay, making inventory of cables missing/etc.



For very simple drag'n'drop diagramming I use Inkscape, it works smoothly.

@GustavinoBevilacqua Thanks for the input! I used inkscape as well for diagrams that needed to be more designed somehow. For what I need now, inkscape is not really adapted (mostly a connecting points issue). However, your post made me look into it again and I saw that there is some work in progress being done to make it a full diagramming/flowcharting environment. See

I was advised to check dia, will do that now :)

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