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18th century pocket. *tactical*!

(Picture of something shaped line a 18th century pocket, except it's made of blue cordura with alternating red and white 2.5 cm webbing sewn at regular 4 cm intervals, and the front slit is closed by a water repellent zipper.)

(Picture of the back of the same pocket, where the webbing is blue (in a darker hue than the cordura), there is no slit, but two small belt loops sewn in the top seam.)

I know, to make it properly *tactical* it should have been camo instead of brightly coloured, but I have no camo fabric at home (and honestly have no plan to buy any) and this was a spur-of-the-moment thing made with leftovers from my backpack-and-accessories.

#MYOG #sewing #historyBounding


It is camo because whoever look for something military-like (i.e. kaki) doesn't ever see that 😄

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