sewing, finished apron, ec in the picture 

And we had an hour or so of sun! So I dressed up and I'm ready for some serious percussive debugging on the analytical engine!

I have been vaguely thinking about making myself a black apron for potentially staining office jobs (*cough* ink), and on friday evening I stumbled on the instructions from Home dressmaking; a complete guide to household sewing by Myers, Annie E and decided it had to be done NOW.

The pattern was adapted quite a bit from the original to best use wide modern fabric, so it's not an accurate reproduction.

Source code for both the apron and the sleeve protectors will be published as soon as I finish writing them and editing the step-by-step pictures.

#sewing #SteamPunk #FreeSoftWear

sewing, finished apron, ec in the picture 


Kudos for the photo description 😁

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