Dear miss manners,

the company my SO works for has been sold, and they are giving away all the gadgets that they have made, including those that would have never been given to the likes of us¹ such as neckties and pocket squares. How long would it be suitable for me, not related to the company in any way, to wear them? Should I respect a formal mourning period before I use the loot I got from the dead body?

¹ IT people :D

(I already know the answer: it's “wait at least until september. because you don't really want to wear a jacket with a pocket square in this weather, right?” :D )


Neckties and pocket squares can easily become something else.

Can you imagine a gown made with neckties sewn side by side?

@GustavinoBevilacqua That would require way more than one necktie :D

The thing is, in this house I'm the one who wears neckties. maybe not the one who wears pants :) , but definitely neckties, more than twice a year! (not *much* more, but I like wearing them once in a while)

(I have been wondering about asking my SO to get an additional pocket square or two and making things with them, however, since it seems that nobody wants them, for *some* reason :D )
@GustavinoBevilacqua and btw, they are a pretty nice blue, and the logo is quite subtle and could basically be the logo of anything, otherwise I wouldn't even consider wearing those (or using them for anything that keeps the logo visible).


For a skirt you need *a lot* of ties!

I add a CW for the design of the ties in the video: they are pretty horrible 😄

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