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#barbero su rai3: sfatiamo il mito dell america liberatrice, Auschwitz è stata liberata dall'Armata Rossa.
#emozioniforti #brividi

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We understand some people may want to use Pixelfed with family and friends in a closed environment.

Restricted Mode will allow you to require authentication for every page and disable federation support with a single command.

It will be shipping in the next version! #pixelfed

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"Uber won public opinion because its massive subsidies created the false appearance that its technology and regulatory disobedience had actually generated huge public benefits, and its monomaniacal culture intimidated the few journalists and politicians who tried to raise doubts."

"his three-part strategy sustained Uber through ten years of massive losses that would have quickly destroyed any startup with a less sophisticated strategy. The fatal flaw was that Uber never achieved the dominance needed to exploit anti-competitive market power because the taxi industry never had the powerful scale/network economies needed to drive winner-take-all dominance."

" Uber’s global dominance ambitions were widely understood across Silicon Valley. It was “in the empire-building phase” with a “massive burn in a play to conquer the world.”

"Uber’s margin gains have not come from efficiency improvements but from its ability to unilaterally cut driver compensation by 40 percent since 2016. These cuts reduced driver take-home pay below minimum wage levels in many markets and transferred over $3 billion from labor to capital."

@mroci @rodia

"There is no independent evidence that any Uber “technological innovation” had any material impact on its cost competitiveness and there is no evidence that they had any impact on competition in any other industry. Uber’s pricing system is far simpler than what airlines had 30 years ago. Oracle founder Larry Ellison noted that Uber’s app was less sophisticated than something his cat could have developed."

"All of Uber’s early popularity and rapid revenue and valuation growth are explained by the billions in predatory investor subsidies needed to drive those more efficient (but poorly capitalized) incumbents into bankruptcy."

"Why is Uber, a company that has lost over $20 billion and shows no signs that it could ever achieve sustainable profits, still widely seen as a successful, highly innovative company that has years of highly-profitable growth ahead? Why is it widely believed that Uber has brought major improvements to urban transport and huge welfare benefits for passengers ...."

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Della liceità di bestemmiare dio per qualsiasi ipotesi sulla sua esistenza

- Se dio non esiste, insultare chi non esiste non fa danno
- Se dio esiste ed è imperfetto, si merita tutti gli insulti per 'sto schifo di mondo
- Se dio esiste ed è perfetto, onnipotente e onniscente, eccelle in tutto, ivi compresa l'autoironia, di certo non se la prende per un po' di blasfemia

Questo teorizzavo A.D. 2000

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Time travel? In #TerminalPhase??? Yes, you can see that in this gif, but the really cool thing demoed here is that the underlying dev environment of #Spritely Goblins supports time-travel debugging!

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Thanks to @Thib support for #XMPP URIs got merged into mastodon a few days ago. This should make linking to external discussion channels and moving a conversation to a E2E encrypted chat a bit easier on the fediverse:

Tra poco in diretta sui 105.250 FM e @rbo

Oggi parleremo di notav, porno, emu e criptocose!

@lesion @samba @rodia

@notav "Tante storie di donne, qui, alla sezione dei “nuovi giunti”, storie di violenze subìte, di una precarietà che ti nega casa: sbandamenti di chi ha perso la strada e si indurisce nell’assenza di alternative. Ma anche la spontanea umanità degli ultimi che, magari senza teorizzazioni ideologiche ma per concreta condivisone del bisogno, tendono la mano a chi sta per cadere."

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My Stepdad’s Huge Data Set's-

"The internet isn’t just revolutionizing how porn is distributed and consumed. It’s also revolutionizing how porn is made, by enabling companies to cater more closely to the perceived tastes of their audience."

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