: very quietly I have released a few versions of the , we're now at 1.5.3.
A huge thank you to those who helped report issues, especially @Sascha
I will slowly introduce the new features with little videos that I will integrate into the documentation (any help appreciated). We will also present the new features live at in torino (italy) on september 9, info at it.hackmeeting.org

@Sascha what client are you using? Some app does not support Event type :/
btw I can see all bonn.jetzt events from mastodon web client

@Sascha this should be fixed. also collection creation shoud be fixed

@Sascha it's fine to write me here for small bugs (your contribution was precious!). for feature requests I prefer framagit because toots over time are easily lost. the color change is ok but I don't think it will fit in 1.5 which I really want to release soon.

@Sascha You're right. Could we add this description to the one on top?

@Sascha events are sent on create. Have you something on logs during event creation?

@risturiz the "issue" is with mastodon.social. mastodon.social suspended message delivery to @gancio@gancio.cisti.org and @gancio@lubakiagenda.net probably due to an old bug with our AP implementation. @admin

@risturiz when you try to follow the instance, the event is logged so you should find something in logs. if you do not find nothing, your instance could be banned, you can try with another mastodon / pleroma / friendica instance. this is also happening with other gancio instances? thanks

@risturiz are you trying with a node of your own or something else? sometimes old gancio instances got "banned". sorry for the delay

@Sascha :) please backup all your data (db, images, config, etc.) this is a release candidate! how did you installed it? with docker we have a new docker image published in dockerhub (cisti/gancio) used by the new docker-compose.yml -> (eg. with sqlite -> framagit.org/les/gancio/-/blob) .
with yarn you can use the package at gancio.org/gancio-v1.5.0-rc.12 (CHANGELOG -> framagit.org/les/gancio/-/blob). as always you can test many new features at demo.gancio.org

@Sascha this is a bug fixed in the next 1.5.0 release together with a lot of new nice stuff coming. If you want to test it before the official release please ask.

@Sascha settings are mainly saved in database (linked issue is 2 years ago!).
SMTP settings have been changed a bit in recent versions (authentication is optional, you can use a local sendmail).
What version are you using? What's your issue?

Gancio condiviso

The idea of "protestware" or that "software isn't supposed to have an opinion" or that open source is supposed to be somehow neutral, merely "getting the job done".

This was never true, even in the olden days. Even back then, there were protest aspects to software and things were written with an agenda. PGP had an agenda. p2p software in the 2000s had an agenda which even turned into a political party. Creative Commons had an agenda. Cryptocurrency definitely came with an agenda explicitly embedded in the code.

Gancio condiviso

Nuova istanza di @gancio per la scena musicale underground di Euskal Herria.

Gancio condiviso

Qui som

bcn.convoca.la som un coŀlectiu de militants i activistes que impulsem i mantenim una agenda tecnològicament i políticament autònoma, que vol contribuir a difondre i coordinar accions públiques de coŀlectius socials i polítics afins.

convoca.la és una iniciativa coordinada amb Sindominio.net per construir, amb poc esforç informàtic afegit, agendes com aquesta en cada territori que ho desitgi.


#agenda #gancio #karcelona

@risturiz hi, there is no plan to add a multi-timezone but I'm not excluding it, maybe related to a future places management via nominatim or similar. Actually we're working on multisite support.

:gancio: v1.4.3 released

this is a release mainly of fixes. thanks you all for the feedback :blobparty:


@nerd A CLI is on the way, thanks! Also, a new release is coming soooon

@nerd how did you install? if it's via docker, just remove the container, if not you need to remove the config.json and the database "gancio.sqlite". Maybe we should allow to do this via CLI? suggestions are welcome :D

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