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The idea of "protestware" or that "software isn't supposed to have an opinion" or that open source is supposed to be somehow neutral, merely "getting the job done".

This was never true, even in the olden days. Even back then, there were protest aspects to software and things were written with an agenda. PGP had an agenda. p2p software in the 2000s had an agenda which even turned into a political party. Creative Commons had an agenda. Cryptocurrency definitely came with an agenda explicitly embedded in the code.

Gancio condiviso

Nuova istanza di @gancio per la scena musicale underground di Euskal Herria.

Gancio condiviso

Qui som som un coŀlectiu de militants i activistes que impulsem i mantenim una agenda tecnològicament i políticament autònoma, que vol contribuir a difondre i coordinar accions públiques de coŀlectius socials i polítics afins. és una iniciativa coordinada amb per construir, amb poc esforç informàtic afegit, agendes com aquesta en cada territori que ho desitgi.

#agenda #gancio #karcelona

@risturiz hi, there is no plan to add a multi-timezone but I'm not excluding it, maybe related to a future places management via nominatim or similar. Actually we're working on multisite support.

:gancio: v1.4.3 released

this is a release mainly of fixes. thanks you all for the feedback :blobparty:

@nerd A CLI is on the way, thanks! Also, a new release is coming soooon

@nerd how did you install? if it's via docker, just remove the container, if not you need to remove the config.json and the database "gancio.sqlite". Maybe we should allow to do this via CLI? suggestions are welcome :D

:gancio: v1.4.1 release:
add gl/galego locale (thanks @xosem), fix import redirect loop, add missing icons (close, repeat, arrows …), turn rss icon into a real link to improve a11y, fix recurring events starting date issue, fix next/prev selection on same datetime events, improve moderation UI (add author and event link + format creation date), refactor resource UI from fedi.

thanks to @FediFollows for sharing the project and welcome to the new instances :blobparty:

:gancio: v1.4.0 released!
Please upgrade: this release fixes security issues


:gancio: v1.2.2 released :party_parrot: take a look at , especially the shiny webcomponents -> and the new plugin system ->

Gancio condiviso

Got our Gancio instance up and running today! It's going to let us manage events and bookings in a way that reflects our space's needs - recurring events, lots of options for timeslots, and a group of admins rather than a single user than can approve events.


@kubikpixel eheh nice try 😃 consider this is not so crazy to implement, all do you need is to implement the oauth2 dance: and send a POST with your content

:gancio: v 1.0.1-alpha release

- fix AP resource removal
- improve AP resource UI
- fix Docker setup
- update deps

:gancio: v1.0-alpha released :party_parrot:

This is an *alpha* release with *a lot* of changes, please backup your instance before upgrade ->

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