@gancio @mobilizon I would like that our #mobilizon instance at events.graz.social could follow a #gancio instance. This is not possible at the moment. Is the issue on the gancio or on the mobilizon side?

@linos @gancio @mobilizon The most blocking thing is that Gancio federates Events as Notes (for Mastodon compatibility, but that shouldn't be needed anymore).


cc @lesion


@tcit @linos @gancio @mobilizon I'll change it soon as mastodon is now supporting Event.

@tcit @linos @gancio @mobilizon how fast time passes 😄 my first attempt on taking this was two years ago too -> github.com/lesion/gancio/commi but cannot remember what stopped me, maybe it was missing attachments support? I'll take a look

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