Shout out to the people at @opensourcegardens for sending me some lovely seeds with open-source license: tomatoes, peppers, wheat and corn. I'm sure it's gonne be a great journey.
Thank you so much, Fediverse, for the opportunity of meeting great people and great projects :blobheart:

@opensourcegardens seeds planted! Some and tomatoes and chili peppers next to our yellow zucchini. Now we just cross our fingers and wait for them to sprout.

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@moltopositiva Until you find out after you eat the veggies you grow, you have an overriding desire to donate all your programming work to the world free of charge, then make sure everybody who uses your work must do the same. Most expensive seeds you never bought. 😀 @opensourcegardens

@moltopositiva lol. I went to @opensourcegardens ‘s page. I don’t know how many weeks ago I clicked ‘Follow’ but it’s still awaiting approval. Guess I just blew that one. 😉

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