The conclusion is clear.

Fully vaccinated people are less likely to die with Covid19 than those who are not vaccinated.

The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the death rate.

Fonte: Commisione Europea

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@pamela Not that I'm questioning, but it's curious to notice at least 3 anomalies among the lowest vaccination rates. It could be a matter of internal policies, along with the vaccination processes?

@malerbabomba probably yes. for example, with regard to Russia, I think it is also a problem of its data that is received.

@malerbabomba it can also depend on population density, which certainly helps to contain infections and therefore deaths.

@pamela Ma smettetela con le solite scuse riguardo un' emergenza sanitaria terminata da tempo!

@pamela @malerbabomba 14 day period data. Not at all indicative I would say ...

@pamela We can even notice the threshold effect around 70 %! Thanks for sharing ☺️

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