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😭 On microsoft's hostile practices 😭

Outlook.com, hotmail.com, live.com blocking disroot emails.
Read more at:

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The developers of Signal are currently doing a user survey:


I told them that I really like the app but also that I would like:
a) Signal on @fdroidorg
b) a proper desktop client
c) no data stored in "secure enclaves"

Maybe you'd like to tell them, too?


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“Microsoft (owner of Hotmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, Live.com, Office360, etc.) is rejecting all emails originating from Disroot.org servers.”



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Signal desktop is blacklisted in Parabola GNU/Linux because it uses non-free Electron. #parabola

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Thought: If you want to open source an internal tool, do it from the beginning not during the process. It forces you to not make the compromise for shortcuts that prevent you from open sourcing things down the line.

If you are experimenting, state that in your readme, then no commitments needed.

But usually "we will open source this one day" is in 9 out of 10 cases either when the project is already dead or not at all.

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It's time to sum up the results of #ONLYOFFICE giveaway. We have randomly chosen 5 winners who will get a free license of #ONLYOFFICE Home Server. The winners are:


To get your reward, please send us a direct message with your name, last name and email address.

@ONLYOFFICE I wish to remain anon so am only giving my mail ID kaalki@protonmail.com

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Great news, everyone! To celebrate the end of #ONLYOFFICE WebWeek 2020, we are giving away 5 Home Servers, professional self-hosted editors for home use.

Just boost this toot to take part!

We’ll name the winners next week. Stay tuned for more news from our team!

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"We moved to GitHub because everyone's already there"

"We shut down the mailing lists because most of our users prefer to use GitLab in their web browser"

"We're rewriting in Rust because we don't really have any non-x86_64 users"

"We're leaving IRC because Discord is more user-friendly"

What all of these arguments have in common is that they exclude people, centralize infrastructure, and eschew free software for proprietary solutions, all in the name of some ill-defined measure of "progress".

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Thanks to @debian 's €10,000 donation (and not $10,000 as announced a few hours ago), we've just reached the 4th step of our PeerTube fundraising. Many thanks to all those who donated. And it's not too late to contribute : joinpeertube.org/roadmap

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Bonne nouvelle: stemy.me est à nouveau opérationnel après un mois et demi de sommeil dûs à des problèmes de connexion internet.

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All servers for Fediverse softwares (Mastodon, Peertube, Pixelfed, etc.) are managed by people that do it only to offer an entry to the Fediverse.
These services won't track you, there is no advertisings and are fully respectful with your privacy.
You can help your favorite instance to keep working with a donation that will contribute to server charges.
They also need your help :)

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Happy 🌞 to announce #CollaboraOffice 4.2.11 for #iOS #Android and #FDroid🌻

This update adds the ability to work with password protected files in your favorite #opensource #office app.. & we now have a repo for F-Droid as well👌

Read more here: collaboraoffice.com/releases-e

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#Collabora Office is now available in Collabora's #FDroid repository!

Repo URL: collaboraoffice.com/downloads/

Fingerprint: 57 32 58 c8 4e 14 9b 5f 4d 92 99 e7 43 4b 2b 69 a8 41 03 72 92 1d 4a e5 86 ba 91 ec 76 78 92 cc

Discussion in F-Droid's repository: gitlab.com/fdroid/rfp/-/issues

There is also an open merge request in Aurora Store's repo: gitlab.com/AuroraOSS/auroradro

#LibreOffice #FOSS #OpenSource #Android #degoogled

/cc @collabora @CollaboraOffice

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Open Letter to Apache OpenOffice: Today marks 20 years since the source code to OpenOffice was released. And today we say, LibreOffice is clearly the future of the suite (see the timeline). Let's all get behind it, for the benefit of all users: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

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The traces of the Great Indian Mastodon Influx of 2019 (GIMI'19) are interesting to look through. In trying to find #Indian folks to follow here, I time and again come across people who came to Mastodon around Nov 2019 (when the Twitter political censorship issues surfaced), stayed around for a month or so, and then left (presumably back to where they came from, having made a symbolic gesture against the censorship).

But even that one month has left an impression here, lots of interesting links to follow, clever #desi jokes, good discussions, it feels like an archaeological discovery of an interesting and intellectual civilization - though of course this was barely a year ago.

It would be loads better if they'd stuck around - I feel a twinge of sadness every time I think "wow this is a cool account to follow", and then see the last post was somewhere in November 2019 - but I'm glad that the GIMI'19 happened at all. It left behind a good bulk of interesting content, and when I do find a live account that someone still uses, it feels like finding buried treasure!

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Looks like #gravatar has a bad day. Yet again people hording personal data lost control over it by accident. For something "as simple as an avatar service" that is a bit of a mess.


Maybe check if you want to use #libravatar which is not interested in any profile data and if you feel especially majestic, you can just selfhost it, like I do, with not more than nginx and a shell script that uses imagemagick.


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