I'm using the solar oven for the first time this year, even if the temperature is still cold-ish (<15°C) and windy.

The oven has reached almost 70°C, even if the wind blew the cover and for a while the temperature fell down to 30°C or so. I hope that the jar is reaching even more.

I'm baking apples, so whatever happens they are likely to be good (and safe to eat).

And now I should leave the computer and start sewing the fabric + mylar cover I've been postponing sewing for… years, I suspect.
@GustavinoBevilacqua Too late, the sun is going down, the #solarOven is back to 50°C and the apples have already been moved to the haybox so that they remain warm until dinner.

But you can get a high quality picture of the haybox, taken with a pinephone, where you can also see a bit of the oven

(And yes, “haybox” means “random box from an online store, with shredded paper packaging material from another online store", and later I topped it up and wrapped the box in a blanket)
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